Afrohouse – a mix of music and dance style that combines traditional rhythms with modern music. Afrohouse has its roots in the African Soukous. The lyrics are often sung in French and the original african music is mixed with Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms. Full of energy!

Afrohouse / Kuduro

These Kuduro class is absolutely outrageous. All teachers will be part of it!
Enhance your body coordination, learn basic african movement patterns, feel the energy of african dances! The teachers show you how you can relax during the dance, as you can use your energy and also to feel free. Don´t take the moment itself so serious and laugh at yourselves! Kuduro is a physically quite tiring affair and adapted to burn some calories!
This lesson you will not forget!


A  traditional dance from Cap Vert . A class with a lot of energy were we can work on solo or couple many body movements that helps  on your Ginga style and flexibility.

Bachata choreo

An exciting combination of figures, open shines and poses – with that choreography you can impress the audience and other dancers. For experienced Bachata dancers. Dancepartner required.

Bachata dips & tricks

Here you learn the little nuances, the tricks and techniques that will make your Bachata safe and elegant. A lesson that you should not miss!

Bachata dominicana

Bachata estilo dominicano- Bachata, how it is danced in its country of origin. Impassioned, erotic and authentic!

Bachata footwork

Clever step variations fitting the music! Learn new step variations from the nearly endless pool of possibilities Bachata offers to you! Here you can really spice-up your Bachata!

Bachata fusion

In this lesson the style elements of bachata dominicana and bachata sensual are fused.

Bachata lady style

Sensual and sexy moves for women – that makes Bachata hot. A “must have” for women – a pleasure for men. Only for Ladies!

Bachata men style

The counterpart to Ladystyle! Men, impress your ladies with cool moves and passitos! For real men!

Bachata combinations

New characters, elegant, refined combined and arranged, you will dance in this course!

Bachata sensual

Very body accented, erotic and sexy!


Kizomba – wonderful music and dances! Kizomba is played and danced in lusphone Africa and Brazil. The equivalent from the french speaking part of africa and from the Caribbean is Zouk, and if it is played slowly, Zouk love.
At the festival we offer you Kizomba in different levels, beginner (less experience necessary), intermediate (kizomba experience) and advanced (for experienced dancers).

Kizomba fusion

Learn a certain combination of steps and change it as you like to several variations! Kizomba needs personal improvisation and a personal touch in the dance. After that workshop you are ready!

Kizomba passada

Over the bases of Kizomba, we work on the connection, on the quality of the dance and put some creativity in the dance.

Kizomba tarraxinha

Tarraxinha is in contrast to Kizomba danced rather on the spot. It shifts the weight from one leg to the other. Tarraxinha is quieter and give you time to focus on a variety of hip movements: side, central or waving. Is common to all hip movements, however, that it comes to the part (on Kimbundu lovingly “Mbunda” called) presenting your back out  – and not in the direction of the partner. Tarraxinha is well suited to interpreting rhythms. “Tarraxar” is Portuguese and literally means “screw”.


Semba is a dance and music style from Angola. It has been mixed up with brazilian music by the slaves. In Angola, Kizomba has its roots in Semba. Semba you dance like Kizomba, but much faster! Sweating is permitted! At the festival we offer you Semba in different levels beginner (less experience necessary) and intermediate (semba experience).

Semba brincadera

Semba brincadeira : As a difference of social Semba, “Semba Brincadeira” is a style close to Semba show, to put some extra tricks in the dance, footworks and/or body movements for ladies.

Semba show

Semba for advanced or those who want to be! With tricks and show effects you will amaze the audience and women! Cooooool !!